LANdersonshatch ver2.0

February 9, 2008

After much debating on Thursday as to what we (Josh, Clarkson and me) should do with our day of a college (a much deserved one if I am not mistaken) we could still not decide. However during a session on halo later that night Josh and Clarkson decided on a LAN at Josh’s uber house. So a message comes to me at half 12 that night saying “LAN at mine about 1ish. Please can you get Clarkson.”
So off I trot at 12:15, the next day, down to action bikes to get Clarkson. Upon picking him up we headed towards Josh’s. After much debating about how to get there we turned up about 12:40. Only to be greeted by a slightly annoyed Josh as he had just brink his iPhone (oops). After much awe at how amazing Josh’s set-up was we got down to the gaming. First game was Gears of War, with only 3 players it was kind of unfair but much team swapping sorted out that problem. Overall it seemed Clarkson was the victor as he seemed to be killing us the most.
Next was the trampoline, after this amazing discovery that Josh had a trampoline we had to give it ago. Josh and I were both shocked at this time to find out that Clarkson had never been on a trampoline. Oh the look of glee on his face as he bounced around for the first time, whilst this amazing feat took place Josh kindly put Crysis on my laptop (this will come into play later).
After being on the trampoline for a while a certain Mr. Matthew Babb and Mrs. Maxwell Boorman turned up. Boorman being the douche he is brought a packed lunch of 5 gingersnaps and a cream egg. At this the gaming resumed with Halo 3 making it’s first appearance of the day, All five of us played and although there was not clear winner I believe Josh or Boorman (boo) to be the winner of that one. After much ownage on the Xbox we headed back to the trampoline, Maxwell being the most excitable. Pizza was next on the agenda, a XL with everything on it and a Half and Half with veggie on one half meat feast on the other, Boorman was only full of complaints at that as he bit had a tiny bit of meat on it which was soon taken off. Much humour ensued as we took the mick out his moaning.
Next on the list was GH3, this challenge was only taken up by me and Clarkson. Being the far better player I obviously won (big headed much). Boorman tried to play, but failed horribly and gave up, n00b. Whilst we played this Josh and Babb went off to the cinema room and played Halo 1 for a while. Along came 5 and Maxwell needed taking home so Babb gave him a lift only to return later. Whilst they were gone we all had a quick go on Crysis, on Josh’s laptop as mine was playing up, and we watched the newest instalment of Rambo.
Babb returned a little later and decided to play with the voice recognition on Josh’s macbook. After 20 mins of Babb shouting at the pc trying to make it write batman on word, Clarkson, Josh and I could not stop laughing to the extent that Clarkson had to face the wall to stop the laughter. Then came my highlight of the night. After some playing on Crysis we were all stoked by hoe wonderful it was. Then Josh had an Idea, why not connect the pc to the 50 inch TV so we could play it in all its High-def glory. Much oooing and arring ensued along with many MASSIVE explosions. This carried on till about 9 when we decided to get the Xbox back out. Portal was the first game of choice quickly followed by a game of Dead Rising. Whilst this was going on Babb decided he wanted to see the 2 girl’s 1 cup video, during the process of trying to find this video we stumbled upon a hilarious video of a funny reaction to the video. It consisted of a coloured many shrieking extremely loudly, this created about 10 mins of laughter for everyone before we all watched the actual video, very unimpressive, and the gaming continued. Half 11 soon rolled on and we decided that if we didn’t leave soon we would not make it home alive as I would fall asleep at the wheel.
So here I am at 1 in the morning looking back upon a marvellous afternoon of geeky happiness and tremendous laughter. Lets hope LANdersonshatch 3 will be just as good.


The Couple

December 3, 2007

Working in the retail business you notice several things, the one I always seem to notice the most frandom ones.

 For example: I was walking around great old sainsburys when I come across this couple. they are always in the store whenever I’m there, or at least they come in a lot.  The thing is they are always arguing about something and it tends to go like this;

him(whilst putting soup in trolley):I want this for dinner tonight.

her: But you hate that soup

him: No I don’t, who have you been married to for the last 40(approx) years,


he storms off and she follows muttering. This carries on all the way around the store, only this time it goes a step further. I’m at the customer service desk when the lady walks up to the desk and starts to complin that her husbnd has driven off without her in their car. At this we all try not to laugh as she wants to talk to the manager, as if it was our fault, the manager comes down and tries to symperthise with her. About half an hour later the husband comes back to the store to get her, they then carry on the arguement whilst getting in the car and loading the shopping in the boot. After this finishes we all collapse in a fit of hysterics.

 More episodes from the consumer world soon,



The first blog!

November 30, 2007

well… this is a THE first post,

After being inspired by a certain Mr Stephen Fry and a few other friends I have decided to create a blog. A bit about me, well I’m a 5,10 student from south east, I enjoy PC’s and sports and my girlfriend. I am generally quite boring(but please read my blog, you know you will love it….)

Peace  TBR.